Ahh, the smell of curry

I had my husband choose a meal during the week, and he chose a turkey curry with potatoes.  I wasn’t sure how it would be received, but it was worth a shot.  When the boys came up for dinner, they asked “what is that smell?”  I told them it was a spice called curry and they should try it.

I served the curry with a garden salad and pineapple.  When I introduce something “iffy”, I use salad and fruit as a back-up so I know they get some nutrition in there one way or another.  All three boys love cucumbers and carrots, and the older two boys eat up the sugar snap peas before I even sit down.  Son #1 likes ranch dressing, son #2 likes his salad sans dressing, and I always make a quick vinaigrette for my husband and me. I started making my own dressing about 5 years ago, and can hardly eat bottled dressing anymore.  Making my own means I know exactly what is in there and how fresh it is.  Plus it’s fun to experiment.  Sometimes I throw in honey, sometimes I use red wine vinegar, sometimes lemon.  I almost always use Dijon mustard because I’m a mustard freak. In the summer I eat two brats just for the excuse to eat more of my favorite mustard.

Back to the curry.  The boys weren’t huge fans.  Son #1 said he didn’t feel well (right after he literally inhaled a nice-sized salad), Son #2 complained as usual, but did eat a few bites of the curry.  Son #3 mostly ate rice.  The adults enjoyed the entire meal.  I’ll probably give curry another shot in the future.  I found the biggest downside was the lingering smell for two days.  I didn’t appreciate the reminder of our meal each time I arrived home.  Maybe have to save it for a warmer day when we can open the windows.

Our curry experiment. Tasted better than it looks. My new set of dishes is featured, which could improve the look of any food, in my opinion.


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