My love of falafel

After a night of prenatal yoga, I headed to the local co-op to complete a relaxing way to spend a Friday night.  When you are a parent, it’s funny what you find relaxing.  Target happens to be one of my personal favorite getaways.  I’m sure I’m not the only mom who wanders through every single aisle of Target, not because you need something, but because you are alone.  I savor those moments of browsing without little voices asking if we can go look at toys and can we get that neon-colored yogurt which can not possibly be natural.  What food comes in those colors, anyway?

As I browsed the co-op, with no meal plan in hand, I came across hummus and tabouli, which happened to be right next to the olive bar.  It inspired me to gather ingredients for a Middle Eastern meal.  It brought me to falafel.  I have an insane love of falafel – just ask anyone who has seen me in a buffet line with falafel.  I bought ingredients for tzatziki as well, another one of my favorites.  Although the meal wasn’t as homemade as I usually prepare, I figured the exception would be worth it.  I purchased a falafel mix, olives, prepared tabouli, and some hummus.  The only thing I really made was the tzatziki.

All my boys like pita bread with hummus.  Son #2 eats it often for lunch at school, as his substitute for peanut butter since his school has a nut-free policy.  After three years, he still complains about not being able to eat peanut butter sandwiches.  He often eats them for breakfast instead.  What surprises me is how much the older boys like tabouli.  Halfway through the meal, after showing the boys how to assemble their Middle Eastern version of a taco, Son #1 declares “I LOVE this stuff! It is SO good”.  I couldn’t agree more.  This was definitely a hit for everyone and will be a repeat meal.

Falafel, hummus, olives, tabouli, pita and homeade tzatziki. A practically perfect meal, in my opinion.



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