Salmon dinner = three bandaged fingers

I intend to make fish more often.  Truth is, we don’t eat seafood at home as much as I’d like.  This dinner was conceived because of all the cabbage and potatoes you see in stores and restaurants around St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m not Irish (or at least not enough to claim that I am), but the Welsh/English in me must have some influence on my desire to prepare Irish-inspired meals.  Paging through my cookbooks, I came across a recipe for salmon with cabbage and bacon.  I added the roasted red potatoes as a side.

All my boys loved the salmon.  Son #3 asked for more at least twice.  The cabbage was another story.  Not even the bacon could save it.  My bacon theory has been proven wrong yet again (see my previous post “Bacon makes everything taste good”).  The potatoes were hit and miss.  One son ate them, the other two weren’t as excited.  In the end, I’m just happy they are all fish lovers.

Salmon, cabbage with bacon, and roasted red potatoes. I've spared you a photo of my injury.

The leftovers of this meal led me to the real story of my bandaged fingers.  I was so excited to use the leftover cabbage and potatoes for a hash served with eggs the next evening as a quick meal because we had a busy night.  I got set to work on the meal.  Son #3 was standing at his normal perch on the stool in the kitchen.  I usually give him a snack or things to wipe up, dump in, etc. while I cook.  At 20 months old, he’s becoming a pretty great helper.  As I scraped the potatoes into the hot pan with my brand-new, super sharp knife, I somehow missed the transfer from one hand to the other and the knife landed straight into the tip of my finger.  I knew right away it wasn’t going to be pretty.  I screamed, grabbed a bunch of paper towels, and immediately called my husband.

Fast forward one hour, I end up in urgent care with the craziest doctor I’ve ever encountered.  He decided to glue my cut instead of stitching it.  In the process, he glued his glove to my hand.  I’m not sure if he’d ever tried to glue a cut and found myself wondering if stitches would have been the smarter decision.  The jury is still out on that one – as I type with my bandaged finger, I don’t know how well it is going to heal.  The two other bandages were caused because I was trying to avoid my injured finder, which made me pretty inept.  I think I can chalk up my injuries to pregnancy clumsiness and trying to do too much at once.  Sadly, it took the third injury to make me slow down.


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