Green milk and reubens

I know it’s April already, but I’m just now posting about St. Patrick’s Day.  Son #2 had lots of questions about St. Patrick’s Day this year.  “Why do we celebrate it?  What do you do on St. Patrick’s Day?” Frankly, I don’t know.  My response was “We eat corned beef and wear green”.  I think I need to brush up on my Irish history.  In my mind, most people just use it as an excuse to drink beer on a random day.  For me, it’s my day to make Irish food (or food that I think might be Irish).

This year, I was craving reuben sandwiches.  Probably not the most traditional of Irish food, but the corned beef has to count in some way, right?  They were delicious.  Son #1 proclaimed “Mom, I think I found my new favorite food.  This is the best reuben I’ve ever had”.  These are the comments that keep me cooking for my boys.  A compliment can erase the ten complaints I hear from the previous meal (or from another son during the same meal).  Son #2 wasn’t a huge fan, even without the sauerkraut.  Son #3 ate a deconstructed version.

Some people drink green beer, but our family had green milk with dinner.  Son #2 asked what happened to the milk and I told him the leprechauns did it. “Really?” he asked.  “No, I think leprechauns only live in Ireland”, I responded.

In another world, my husband met up with his brothers and Dad to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Scottish-style.  They head out to the parade and Irish bars, wearing their kilts and attracting lots of attention along the way.  I happily stayed home this year.

Reuben sandwich and leprechaun milk for St. Patrick's Day

My 8-year old reuben lover.

I used the following recipe, but used corned beef instead of turkey.


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