Oh the cravings

In the 29th week of my fourth and final pregnancy, I find myself craving limes.  Everyday I think about limes.  In fact, I’m eating an Edy’s lime popsicle as I type.  I’ve also recently discovered Sonic limeade.  I tried the cranberry limeade today, and I’m hooked.  To top it off, Sonic also has the best ice.  I’ll be making several trips there in the next 68 days.  I’m officially on a countdown to July 25th.

With Son #3, my biggest craving was Dairy Queen.  I took the older boys to Dairy Queen three times in one week when I was pregnant with him.  I’m convinced that the old wives tale about craving ice cream is true.  When I’m not pregnant, I can’t finish even a small shake.  I don’t ever think about ice cream.  When I am pregnant, I can’t get enough, and use my heartburn as an excuse to eat more.

Sons #1 and #2 are a bit foggier in my mind.  Especially Son #2.  I think you remember more about the first time you were pregnant because it’s all new.  The first time around, vinegar seemed to be at the top of my list.  Ketchup, pickles and anything else with vinegar.  I also recall sending my husband to get slices of pie more than once.

Perhaps vinegar is a craving with this pregnancy as well.  I decided that Pork Schnitzel with a cabbage-apple salad sounded delicious one week.  The red cabbage hit the spot, especially with the Granny Smith apples and cider vinaigrette.  When the boys came into the kitchen for dinner, they loudly exclaimed “What is that SMELL?”.  Cabbage may not smell the best, but I am still a fan.  I coated the pork with panko crumbs, which browned up beautifully and made a great crust.  The boys loved the pork, but were not big fans of the cabbage.  Maybe once they get used to the smell.

On a happy note, my older boys were discussing my cooking tonight during dinner.  Son #2 asked his older brother if he liked mom’s cooking better than restaurant food.  They both agreed my food was much better than any restaurant.  Ahhh, these are the memories I need to hold onto.


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  1. 1

    Christine said,

    I think there’s something to the pregnancy-and-ice-cream thing too. I ate through a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every 2 days during both my pregnancies. I desperately needed to gain weight and totally craved ice cream…win/win! My little sister, like you, is in the homestretch of a pregnancy. She too cannot stop with the ice cream. Only difference is that she prefers Haagen-Dasz. 🙂

  2. 2

    Betsy Warren said,

    Megan.. You are making me soooo hungry as I am reading this at work:(
    I am now 20 weeks along. The first trimester not much of anything sounded good. This trimester – I am READY to eat:)
    The red cabbage with apples sounds delicious! Where did you find the recipe?

    Hope you are doing well!

  3. 3

    Tammy McLeod said,

    Limes, eh? I ate red meat when I was pregnant and craved super super hot foods. At least one of my kis was born loving spicy stuff.

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