CSA Week 1: Eating our Greens

Mission accomplished!  We ate everything from our first delivery before the second box is picked up.  Okay, not quite everything…we received A LOT of pea shoots.  I have plans to make a pea shoot pesto and we were out-of-town for the weekend, so I’m not counting them.  In the first delivery we received scallions, spinach, arugula, two types of lettuce, radishes, and the pea shoots.  Normally we pass on some of our share with family, but we kept it all to ourselves this week.

While the lettuce is delicious, I can’t ever get enough arugula.  It is my favorite and it was the first thing to disappear.  It tastes great with a lemon garlic vinaigrette and I could eat it every day.  I did save enough for a pasta recipe, which was also really good.  I got the recipe from the latest Everyday Food magazine.  The boys aren’t big fans of the arugula, so the pasta didn’t go over too well.

Tonight, in an attempt to finish off some of our produce, I threw together a meal based on what we had in the house.  I thawed a couple of chicken breasts to grill.  My new favorite marinade consists of plain yogurt, lemon, oregano, a touch of olive oil, and salt and pepper.  It keeps the chicken juicy and adds great flavor.  Plain yogurt is one of my staples and I always have it on hand.  I sautéed spinach in garlic, butter and squeezed some lemon over it.  I also had a mix of grains from Trader Joe’s which includes Israeli couscous, red quinoa, baby garbanzo beans and orzo.  It was one of those “trial runs” with the boys and it turns out, they loved it all.  Son #1 ate the spinach before anything else, Son #2 declared the grains “DELICIOUS” and Son #3 said “good”.  I love it when an unplanned meal goes this way.  Doesn’t happen as often as I’d like.

I’m looking forward to our next delivery tomorrow.  Right now I get excited about all these greens, but I know that by week four or so, it gets harder to come up with new ideas.  We’ll see if we can continue our trend of eating everything before the next delivery.



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    edamomie said,

    Megan – I need to set our family up with a CSA (just posted on my blog about Lucia Watson chef demo and how she uses a CSA) and I think my reluctance is due to not knowing what types of things you get, how to make it all work together and meal planning. So thanks for the insight. I yogurt marinade sounds good!

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      woohootofu said,

      Hey Jen – I plan on posting what we get in our CSA this year and how we eat our way through it. I love our CSA because there isn’t anything too exotic and it gets us to eat more veggies. We eat a lot less meat in the summer. I highly recommend trying one. Ours is Hog’s Back Farm in Wisconsin.

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        Amber Banwart said,

        Hey Megan! This may sound strange, but would you take a picture of a weekly CSA box that you get so I can see the amount of food that you get in yours? I finally joined a CSA this year after hearing so much about them from friends~ everyone talks about getting sooo much produce, and not knowing quite what to do with it, or struggling to eat everything before the next box arrives, etc. We’re on our 3rd week, & I’m still waiting to get an amount of food that is more than I would typically buy at the farmers’ market or grocery store. I split it with a co-worker, so we’ve used up all of our produce within like 2-3 days!! I’m wondering if I just ended up with the wrong farm, or if it’s still early in the season…..?? I’m curious to see what the amount of food looks like that you’re (and everyone else that talks about CSA’s) talking about! Thanks!!! 😉 (PS–I’m excited to try the rhubarb muffin recipe after seeing it on your blog)

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        woohootofu said,

        Hey Amber – Good idea! I’ll try to take photos each week. I will say, the delivery does get bigger as the summer progresses, but it is usually less greens and more cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

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