Father’s Day Lunch

It has been a little hectic this year and planning ahead for Father’s Day wasn’t in the cards.  Luckily, for Father’s Day, my husband decided he wanted to go for a 45-mile bike ride with a friend.  This gave me time to get a present and get some groceries for lunch.  Of course, this meant I had to bring three boys, ages 8 and under, to both the mall and the grocery store.  Yuck.  The mall trip didn’t go so well.  The older boys would not stop touching everything in sight and chasing each other, and somehow at store number two, I discovered we acquired a pair of socks from the first store without paying for them.  They got returned quickly without incident.

The boys and dad on Father's Day weekend. Check out those handsome guys!


After the mall experience, the older boys received warnings about their behavior.  I came up with a new strategy.  Any boy who wanders away in the grocery store would receive an extra 10 minutes of cleaning time for each time they wander.  It worked!  The grocery store trip was a success.  Of course, it helped that I let them choose fancy cupcakes for the family as our dessert.  Their choice was naturally chocolate with chocolate icing, which they know to be dad’s favorite.  I was the only one with a non-chocolate cupcake.  I had a lemon-filled cupcake with coconut icing.  It was awesome!

Onto our lunch.  The real reason for this post is all about the meat.  For months, I’ve pondered about where to buy locally raised meat and was having a hard time taking the plunge.  I had been receiving emails from a farm who delivers one Saturday a month, just blocks from my house.  This month, they had a special on Italian sausage brats, and I couldn’t resist.  I ended up ordering a family combo pack, which includes about 25 pounds of pork and beef, the Italian sausage brats, and some raspberry chipotle bacon.  Wow!  After just two meals, I’m never going back to grocery store meat.  Look for a future post with the most amazing pork chops ever.

It seems that in most families we know, the guys do the grilling. Not the case here. Over the years, I’ve taken over the grilling role because my husband often goes off and forgets about the food on the grill and we end up with hamburgers like hockey pucks. For these Italian sausage brats, I used my cast iron skillet to cook the onions and peppers right on the grill while the sausages were grilling.  When everything was done, we put mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce on the sausages, topped with the peppers and onions.  They were delicious. It made me wish I’d ordered a couple more packages of the sausages.  They will be at the top of the list for when I order again from Hilltop Pastures Family Farm.  We had watermelon and of course, a salad with lettuce from our CSA delivery.  I’ve got lettuce ready to go in my salad spinner all week long and it’s easy to serve a salad with every meal.  We were all too full and had to save the cupcakes for later.

If you are interested in checking out Hilltop Pastures Family Farm, here is the website.  http://hilltoppasturesfamilyfarm.com/



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