CSA Week 2: More greens

We ate through week 2 of our CSA share, with the exception of a few radishes and turnips, which we ate within the next couple of days.

I made pea shoot pesto and used the pea shoots from last week and this week.  It was enough for two huge batches.  I left the parmesan out of the second batch and froze it in three separate bags to be used later.  I was surprised at how much I liked the pesto.  I still prefer pesto made with basil, but this is a great way to use up pea shoots.  It has an earthier taste and was great with the pasta I made.  I made the pasta with grape tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.  As predicted, Sons #1 and #3 ate it up quickly and son #1 actually had three helpings.  Son #2 ate it out of obligation.

To use up the spinach, decided on a mac and cheese with spinach, found on the Everyday Food iPhone app.  It called for just gruyere cheese, but I added some parmesan and monterey jack I had in the refrigerator.  I also added a bit of dijon mustard to the cheese sauce because I like the flavor it adds.  The boys were not fans of the spinach, which surprised me, since they normally eat it so well.

Next up was my very favorite summer salad, which of course has arugula in it.  I added radishes, turnips, and peas to the salad because I had them on hand.  I first made this salad last year and now look forward to it as soon as arugula is in season and was able to harvest some from my own garden (thankfully the bunnies seem to hate arugula).  I love the flavors of the lemon, arugula, corn, and gorgonzola together.  http://www.marthastewart.com/314002/arugula-salad-with-grilled-chicken-corn  I actually made this salad twice in one week.  I grilled extra chicken for the second batch.  The extra chicken also came in handy for quesadillas for another quick dinner later in the week.  I recently got Son #2 hooked on bread dipped in olive oil and fresh ground pepper.  He now asks for it at every meal.  This bread came from a new Farmer’s Market nearby, held on Friday afternoons.  Delicious!

The rest of the veggies from the share were used up in a stir fry, which is a great way to use up a bunch of veggies in one shot.  I threw in rapini, pak choi, scallions, and peas.  The sauce was acquired through a trade with my neighbor.  She had extra peanut sauce and I had extra pesto.  I think I’ll have implement the trade system more often.

Last but not least, here is a photo of our delivery for the third week.  I did give some lettuce and the scallions to my mom, but the rest is almost gone.  The strawberries were eaten up approximately four minutes after this photo was taken.  They were amazing, and my boys couldn’t stop eating them until they disappeared. 


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    Tammy said,

    Love your description of your sons’ reactions. I also have three boys; 2 who eat anything and one of those who will ask for seconds and thirds and one who simply eats what he has to.

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