Crazy for Chicken

Buying local can be tough. It can also be easy, once you know where to look. Thankfully, people are happy to share resources when they find something great. This happened recently when a mom from my sons’ school posted information about local chickens. I promptly looked up the website and decided to give the quarterly delivery a try. The farm delivers chickens by the box of twelve, and they are $1.25 per pound cheaper than the chicken I buy at the co-op. That saves me $4 to $5 per chicken! I split the box with my mom and a neighbor, keeping six chickens for myself. The tough part was the drive to pick up the box, but it was worth it.

If you are in the Twin Cities area, I highly recommend the chickens from Finca Mirasol. You are supporting a local family farm while getting delicious chicken. The farmers recently lost their home in a fire and appreciate every order they receive. I find it more difficult to buy meat at the grocery store anymore. Knowing where my meat comes from gives me peace of mind and I love meeting the farmers.

While my family is becoming tiresome of roasted chicken and vegetables, I find myself looking forward to making stock. I have been experimenting with various spice and whatever vegetables I have on hand. I love that I can make enough stock to cover the entire cost of the chicken. I also adore the roasted vegetables. I can be found in the kitchen eating the veggies while I pack them up for leftovers. It is possible that more end up eaten than saved.  The chicken stock fuels my soup obsession. My boys complained about all the soup I’ve been making, until the day I made Chicken Wild Rice soup. Son #2 loved it so much, I’ve made it twice in a month. I use leftover chicken instead of ham in my recipe, and don’t have sherry on hand. Recent thermos purchases have made it possible for the boys to bring soup to school for lunch and they are loving the variety.

Cheesy Chicken Soup, recipe courtesy of Mom

Another roasted chicken and vegetables, with rosemary and balsamic vinegar. Yum!

For my local food recipe, I realized I could make a soup that my mom has been making for 30 years. It has always been a favorite of mine and consists of butter, flour, grated carrots, chopped onion, chopped chicken, milk, chicken broth and cheese. I don’t use a recipe anymore. My mom taught me the recipe and I just eye the ingredients now. It brings me back to my childhood, but the boys aren’t big fans. They ate it because it was what was served. Son #2 didn’t ask me about it like the wild rice soup.

We celebrated another half birthday recently. Son #2 is now 9 1/2, and it terrifies me that he will be 10 in less than six months. How did that happen? Double digits!?! He had a great time bowling with friends, minus a bit of a meltdown when he didn’t bowl as well as he expected. They had pizza after bowling, and I had enough time to make his cake from scratch (sorry again, Son #2).

9 1/2 years old!


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  1. 1

    edamomie said,

    Thanks for the insight on local chicken : ) Does Finca Marisol deliver?

  2. 2

    […] challenge, from the entertaining WoohooTofu (ironic name there)  boldy proclaimed “Crazy for Chicken.” She gets them by the boatload, something I may try for the summer when my freezer […]

  3. 4

    woohootofu said,

    Yes, they deliver to Lakeville on a quarterly basis. I’ll email you the contact!

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