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Blue cake, anyone?

For our fourth (and final) pregnancy, we decided that we would find out the gender of the baby before delivery.  We kept the first three boys as a surprise.  Each time, I loved the announcement at birth.  I’ll never forget each time I heard the “It’s a boy!”  They are beautiful memories.  Finding out during the ultrasound seemed like it would be anticlimactic, so we decided to have a cake made for our family, dyed either pink or blue, depending on what the ultrasound photo told the baker.  We decided it would be a great way to include the older boys in the fun.  Son #2 and dad got to cut into the cake for the big reveal.  As predicted, the cake was blue, officially sealing our “all boy” family.

Am I sad that I’ll never raise a girl?  Yes and no.  Yes, I’ll never have some of the girl experiences I sometimes dreamed of, and will probably never convince one of my boys that Parent Trap or Sound of Music are great movies.  But on the other hand, I’ve come to think of myself as a boy mom.  It was hard to picture myself as anything else.  I love referring to my family as “the boys”.  Plus, I reserve the right to set aside all shopping money for myself.

My older boys are thrilled!  They have been requesting a brother from the beginning.  They are the best big brothers and love each other so much.  I can’t wait for them to welcome this brother into the family with as much love as they did with Son #3.  They are learning to care for others and it is a wonderful sight to see them teaching each other new skills.  Son #3 now says “excused” when he is done with his meal, not because we as parents taught him, but because he has learned it from his brothers.  Of course, Son #3 also learns some not so great habits from them as well.  Those, I try my best to prevent, but I’m realizing that “potty humor” is just part of being a boy, whether you are 3 or 43.

Here are my boys last summer in Brooklyn. Now awaiting the arrival of the next addition, due this summer.

For now, we wait to meet this little guy.  18 weeks to go and praying that all goes as smoothly as the first three.  Anyone have a boy name suggestion?


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