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How many vegetables are you trying to feed me?

As I sit in a hotel room, waiting for my house to be repaired, I’m writing about food that I made a month ago. Sigh.  A water pipe burst on our second floor, causing water to run down through the walls and into our basement.  Hotel life with three children isn’t ideal.  They may have different memories of the experience.  Last night, we allowed them to eat dinner without shirts on because they had just come from the pool.  They are living the good life, although sharing a bed every night hasn’t been the easiest experience for the two older boys.  As for me, I long to cook in my kitchen, and make a meal with real, fresh ingredients.

Basking in the hotel life, eating pizza without shirts on.

Maybe reflecting on my past meals will make me feel better.  Back when I first started writing this blog, my boys had suggested African food.  When I came across this Morrocan stew recipe, I had to try it.  The recipe calls for 2 pounds of lamb, but I used only 1 pound in the recipe to save money.  There are plenty of veggies that make the recipe hearty enough.  And wow, did it make a lot of food!  My 5-quart dutch oven was practically overflowing.  I ate the stew on three separate occasions and still had leftovers.  In general, I have a rule that I will only eat leftover food one time.  That third time usually ruins it for me, but this tasted good enough to eat a third time.

Now, this recipe has a TON of veggies in it.  Eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, turnips, butternut squash, onions.  I am making a mental note to make it again once our CSA is in full force late in the summer.  It would be even better to make it with veggies fresh from the farm.  How did my boys react?  Son #1 decided that zucchini was pretty darn good, Son #2 only ate it because of our rule of trying it, but he did like the couscous a lot.  Son #3 liked it all, except for the eggplant.  My husband and I thought it was delicious and I can’t wait to make it again.

Lamb and vegetable Morrocan stew with couscous, straight from the stove and still steaming.

A couple of notes on the recipe (link included):

1) I couldn’t find Harissa after searching three specialty stores, so I substituted Sriracha.  Yes, still addicted to that stuff!

2) The flavor didn’t quite come together for me, so I added some cinnamon along with the cumin and it was great.


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Bacon makes everything taste good

I love bacon. I tell my husband that bacon makes anything taste good.  For that matter, cheese does too.  He disagrees, however.  Especially the one time a year I serve brussel sprouts.  Each year, our CSA sends us this beautiful bag of brussel sprouts. I look forward to it each fall, and eagerly wait for the email in which David from Hog’s Back Farm tells us the brussel sprouts are coming.  I roast them with bacon, apples and shallots and serve them to my family with excitement.  I still haven’t convinced them that they are as delicious as I promise.  But I refuse to give up.  Someday, I WILL have a brussel sprout lover like me.

Anyway, I use bacon more to flavor other foods and I keep it on hand at all times, because it makes a great basis for a meal that hasn’t been planned.  This week, when I was out of planned meals, I remembered the canned sweet corn that was given to us this fall and decided to make a corn chowder.  I combined a couple of recipes I found from my Epicurious app.  I highly recommend the Epicurious app.  The search capability is the best I’ve found and you can choose several ways to find a recipe, including specific ingredients.  My chowder consisted of two jars of corn, potatoes, onion, a few slices of cut up bacon, celery, chicken broth, milk, thyme, salt, pepper, and cayenne. Yum!

The boys ate it, but Son #1 is the only real soup lover so far.  I think you are either a soup lover or  you are not.  I happen to love soup, and could eat soup several times a week.  Son #2 likes tomato soup and miso soup, but lots of chunks seem to turn him off.  He likes the broth best.  Son #3 is given mostly the chopped ingredients from soups right now.  Once he masters the art of using a spoon, we will give him his own bowl.  It’s a work in progress at this point.


Corn chowder and BLT night.




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