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Our old standby

After all these posts, I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned our family’s all-time favorite meal; tomato and sausage risotto.  This meal started as a favorite when Son #2 was a toddler and would eat the risotto as quickly as he could, shoving it in his mouth with both hands.  Now Son #3 loves it as much as his older brothers, but is a bit more skilled with his utensils.

There are so many reasons why we go back to this recipe over and over.  I love that it gets the boys to eat spinach and tomatoes without complaint.  The whole family looks forward to this meal.  I’ve made it so many times, I don’t need the recipe.  In fact, Son #2 can make it.  He knows how to gradually add the liquid and stir it in, waiting until the liquid has been absorbed.  He loves standing at the stove helping and is always proud when we serve it.

I love making risotto because it feels more interactive to me.  I like that you have to constantly stir it and add to it.  As much as I cook, I’m terrible at making rice.  Ask my husband.  I’m always too tempted to look at it before it’s done.  For some reason, I can’t trust that it is doing okay on its own.  It’s taken me years to leave the rice alone so that it cooks properly.  Maybe I’m getting more patient.  Or more likely, I just don’t have the time to check on it anymore.  I’m too busy making sure Son #1 has done his homework, Son #2 has practiced piano, and that Son #3 isn’t eating the Legos that his older brothers have left out.

Here is the link to the recipe:


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