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Next up: Ukrainian food

Our Saturday outing consisted of a Gophers basketball game in the afternoon and dinner out.  Our 5-year old protested the game over and over, but was mesmerized by the experience and actually watched the game, although feeding him helped tremendously.  We’ve been bringing our kids to sporting events since they were babies.  Our two oldest went to their first Twins games at 6 weeks old.  One thing my husband and I have learned is that popcorn is the best event snack, because it lasts the longest.  Peanuts are great too; the shells give them a job to do.

Son #2 had his heart set on a hot dog, but I was avoiding his comments  as best as I could.  After suggesting a few restaurants, I thought of Kramarczuk’s in NE Minneapolis.  It is fast and has interesting food.  Plus, I thought I could pass off Polish sausage as a hot dog.  Thankfully, I have an easy-going husband who usually goes with my cravings.  So, off we went.

Kramarczuk’s serves food cafeteria-style, which is perfect for three boys who have already sat through a basketball game.  It took awhile to decide on our food.  Son #2 choose a grilled cheese sandwich.  Sort of defeats the whole “ethnic food experience”, but I figured we could live with it.  Son #1 choose a reuben sandwich.  Hooray for me!  I have a child who actually wants to eat sauerkraut!  Totally made up for the grilled cheese.  My husband chose the Ukrainian sausage sandwich, and I went for the big combo plate, because I couldn’t decide.

The combo plate came with varenyky (pierogies), holubets (cabbage rolls), a choice of sausage and a heaping pile of sauerkraut.  I could not get enough of the sauerkraut.  Maybe it is weird pregnancy cravings, but I thought it was fantastic.  I did get Son #2 to try the sausage, and Son #3 ate a bit of everything on my plate.  Son #1 devoured half of his reuben, but admitted he probably ate too much popcorn at the game and was full.  The other half of the sandwich went to my husband, who declared it better than his sandwich.  I always thought of Kramarczuk’s as a Polish restaurant, but later learned it is Ukrainian.  Either way, it was delicious.


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