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And in another continent

We came closer to home, making food from North America for our Sunday lunch.  I whipped up chicken tostadas with black beans, thanks to some planned leftovers and our pantry staples.  I always have tortillas and cheese on hand, and usually a can or two of black beans in the pantry.  The chicken was leftover from our Asian soup.  I poached extra chicken breasts in the broth and set them aside for future use.  Perfect for chicken tostadas.  We were also lucky that I had made some pico de gallo earlier in the week.  It was an easy lunch and really delicious.

The term delicious is relative in a family of five.  As all mothers struggle to make their family happy at mealtimes, I find it difficult for everyone to be happy during the same meal.  For instance, Son #2 does not like noodles.  Seriously, what kid doesn’t like pasta?  He groans every time we have pasta.  He eats it, and once in a while actually enjoys it, but it is a battle each time I mention the word noodle. Son #1 is a very adventurous eater (see previous posts noting his love for tofu and sauerkraut) and it is a joy to feed him for most meals.  Son #3 eats just about anything except for oranges, but being 19-months old, I know he is going to hit a phase soon where he suddenly has food opinions.  As long as I don’t serve shrimp or tunafish from a can, my husband will eat (and enjoy) anything I serve.  As for me, as long as there is variety and it doesn’t come processed, I’m pretty happy.

Tostadas, tacos, quesadillas and the like are perfect for a family because you can omit and add certain ingredients and toppings to their liking.  I think that is why most children love tacos.  They get to build their own meal, choose their ingredients they like, and add as much or little as they want of each ingredient.  Sometimes this means their taco shell is too full or too cheesy, but at least it was their decision.

At any rate, Mexican food hits our table at least once a week in different forms.  Once summer comes, I’ll be making homemade salsa and pico more often as my garden matures.  I can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt.  This winter has been a nasty one and I’m dreaming of spring and summer days.

I'm no food stylist, but here is a photo of our tostadas.


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